PRT 110: Lesson 10 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Lesson Plan


  • Identify personal protective equipment found in a plant.
  • Describe when and how to use personal protective equipment.
  • Identify typical workplace hazards.
  • Discuss the methods of hazard exposure prevention.
  • Contrast emergency response and PPE.
  • Describe the four levels of personal protective equipment.
  • Describe the principles of hearing protection.
  • Identify PPE outerwear worn by technicians.
  • Explain the general limitations of PPE equipment.
  • Contrast engineering/environmental controls and PPE.
  • Explain the purpose of respiratory protection.
  • Describe air-purifying respirators.
  • Describe air-supplying respirators.
  • Describe air purifying, half-face respirators.
  • Describe air purifying, full-face respirators.
  • Describe an air supplying self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)
  • Describe an air supplying hose line respirator
  • Explain the steps required to take care of and use a respirator.
  • Analyze and contrast the limitations of each type of respirator.
  • Review the procedures for donning and doffing air purifying respirators.

Read and Watch

Read chapter 10 of the textbook. Watch the following videos:

I could save a life today


Safety 101: Personal Protective Equipment


3M Respirator Fit Kit Test Video



  1. Complete the homework associated with the reading.
  2. Complete the activity assigned.
  3. Complete the activity quiz.
  4. Complete the chapter quiz.

Activity Quiz