PRT 110: Lesson 2 Hazard Classification


Lesson Plan


  • Describe the hazard classification system.
  • Apply the methods of hazard recognition and classification.
  • Describe common industrial hazards found in the plant.
  • Compare acute and chronic hazards.
  • Describe the physical hazards associated with chemicals.
  • Explain the activities that are associated with ergonomic hazards.
  • Explain how biological hazards affect chemical technicians.
  • Explain the principles of accident prevention.
  • Analyze the principles of accident investigation.
  • Describe the various types of ionizing radiation.

Read and Watch

Read chapter 2 of the textbook.

Watch the following videos:


  1. Complete the homework associated with the reading.
  2. Complete the in-class activity.
  3. Complete the activity quiz (below).
  4. Complete the chapter quiz.

Activity Quiz