PRT 140: Lesson 14 Symbology and Course Review


  • Review Different Types of Drawings
  • Identify instrumentation on a P&ID, using the symbols from Chapter 12
  • Describe a control loop and its function, based on a P&ID layout


Process Flow

[image 140-14-02] Process Flow diagram

Piping and Instrumentation

[image 140-14-03] Piping and Instrumentation diagram


  • Review Table 12-1 for how to interpret tag numbers (separate doc)
  • Demonstrate clouding to show modifications
    • Red-line/green-line
  • Look at Alpha Oil D-00-F1000
    • Legend, symbol key for set of PIDs


D-1010 Excerpt

[image 140-14-04]

D-1010 Questions

  • As level in Vessel rises, how should flowrate at FIC-122 (setpoint) change?
  • Will FV-122 be opening or closing as the signal from the FIC increases?
  • Is LIC-125 Reverse- or Direct-Acting?
  • Is FIC-122 Reverse- or Direct-Acting?


ComponentData to Fill In:0% Range (low end)Mid-range (setpoint)100% range (high end)
V-107 LevelVessel level - lowest setpoint, highestLowestSetpointHighest
Controller Input, LT-125 output signalSignal in mA, generally speaking4 mA12 mA20 mA
LIC-125 output signal (setpoint to FIC-122)Setpoint to FIC-122 -- Lowest, middle, highestLowestMiddleHighest
FIC-122 output signal to FV-122 "Lowest to Highest"Overall signal to FV - 122 -- Low, Middle, HighLowMiddleHigh
Overall FV-122 Valve position - "% open"Valve position - Closed, Middle, OpenClosedMiddleOpen