PRT 140: Syllabus


Title: Industrial Process Instrumentation I

Department/Number: PRT 140

Credits: 3

Prerequisites: DEVM 105 or permission of Instructor

Location: Fairbanks Pipeline Training Center


Name: Brian Ellingson


Course Textbook, Required: CAPT Instrumentation

ISBN # 978-0-13-700413-3 Author: Pearson

Supplementary Readings: As provided by instructor


Physics of pressure, temperature, level and flow measurement; mechanical and electrical aspects of instruments used to control dynamics of processes.


Industrial Process Instrumentation I is a comprehensive course that identifies the equipment utilized to control process variables and the theory behind their physical operation. Students will learn how these primary measurements are utilized to control physical properties required to safely operate the equipment found in process industries. Students will also learn the basic theories of control logic including proportional control, integral timing, automatic reset and derivative action.


Upon completion of this course the student will be able to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Discuss the historical significance of process control in industry.
  2. Describe how process variables are measured and utilized in the process industry.
  3. Describe how pressure is measured and transmitted.
  4. Describe how flow is measured and transmitted.
  5. Describe how temperature is measured and transmitted.
  6. Describe how level is measured and transmitted.
  7. Describe the function and role of analytical instruments in the process industry.
  8. Describe the role of primary sensors, transmitters, controllers and controlled elements in a controlled loop.
  9. Calculate relationships between process variables, and perform basic calculations used for instrument calibration and analysis.
  10. Identify the appropriate terminology and drawing symbols for the instruments studied.


Instructional methods will include lectures, in-class activities, reading assignments, videos, homework, and the use of the Blackboard system.


Weekly homework assignments will be provided through the Blackboard system. In-class activities will be assigned during class at Instructor discretion.


Students are expected to comply with the University Student Code of Conduct available for review at:


Classroom Ground Rules (see Instructor if you have special requirements)

  1. Students agree to follow the PRT Professional Behavior Policy.
  2. Respect your Instructor and your classmates.
  3. Turn off cell phones during class. Texting during class is not permitted.
  4. Shop activities require the use of PPE. Students must be dressed appropriately to work in the shop — closed-toe shoes (no sandals) are required.

Homework, Class Activities, Class Notes, and Blackboard

Clear and complete written communication is required in the workplace; therefore, we expect clear written communication from you in this class. Your homework submissions will be evaluated on the basis of their content and their presentation. See the grading rubric for reference.

In-class activities are weighed even more heavily than weekly homework in your final grade.

As a student you are responsible for taking notes and making certain you understand the information presented. Ask questions during class, and follow up with the Instructor outside of class if you need more information.

Students are expected to use Blackboard. Let the Instructor know immediately if you have special circumstances about using Blackboard.

Class Attendance and Participation

The CTC PRT department strives to create a work-like atmosphere to prepare you for a career in the process industry.     Attendance and participation are expected in the workplace; they are expected in this class.

What is ‘participation’? Verbal communication is critical when working in the process industries; therefore, we expect participation in class. Students should be prepared to:

  • Discuss subject matter presented in class
  • Ask questions
  • Discuss your homework during class review
  • Work with other students on in-class and lab activities
  • Answer Instructor questions
  • Take part in demonstrations, safety huddles, and activities

You are responsible for managing your attendance and absences. You must contact the Instructor before class to arrange any absences — in writing if possible. If you are absent without notifying the Instructor, you forfeit all Attendance/Participation credit for that class, as well as the right to earn credit for making up any in-class activities that you missed.

Assignment Due Dates, Assignment and Test makeup policy

You are responsible for meeting the assignment and testing schedules, and for arranging any extensions and makeup work with your Instructor. All extensions/reschedules must be requested in writing.

Due dates for Homework and In-Class activities will be posted in Blackboard with the assignment. Extensions must be requested in writing on or before the due date.

Tests must be taken on the scheduled dates.     If there is a valid reason that you can’t take a test at the scheduled date/time, you must contact the Instructor in writing before the scheduled test to explain your absence, and request permission to take a makeup test.     Once you have permission, you can schedule your makeup test with Jodi Baxter, the PRT Administrative Assistant, 907-479-2436.     Makeup tests must be taken within one week of the originally scheduled date.

Special situations: You must work out a schedule with the Instructor before the due dates.

Instructor has discretion in applying grade penalties for extensions and late submissions.


Grading Scale                                                                                           Evaluation System

A = 100-90%                                                                                                   Exams and Quizzes                                 30%

B =     89-80%                                                                                                   Final Exam                                                           30%

C =     79-70%                                                                                                 Homework and activities                 30%

D =     69-60%                                                                                                   Participation/Attendance                   10%

F =     59% or less


Plus and minus grades will not be submitted.

NOTE: You must achieve a Final Grade of C, or you will have to re-take this course, and you may not be allowed to take the next course in the PRT sequence, PRT 144.


Extensive support services are available for the student and can be found on the web at: Students are encouraged to form study groups with their peers. The instructor is available to assist students on an as scheduled basis. Students are encouraged to take full advantages of all these services.


UAF has a Disability Services office that operates in conjunction with the College of Rural and Community Development’s (CRCD) campuses and UAF’s Center for Distance Education (CDE). Disability Services, a part of UAF’s Center for Health and Counseling, provides academic accommodations to enrolled students who are identified as being eligible for these services.  If you believe you are eligible, please visit on the web or contact a student affairs staff person at your nearest local campus. You can also contact Disability Services on the Fairbanks Campus at (907) 474-7043,