PRT 110: Lesson 14 HAZWOPER


Lesson Plan


  • Describe the operating hazards found in the chemical industry.
  • Describe the HAZWOPER first responder, awareness level.
  • Describe the HAZWOPER first responder, operations level.
  • Describe emergency response.
  • Identify potential hazards encountered during an emergency situation and the impact each could have.
  • Describe the Incident Command System.
  • Describe a fall protection system
  • Describe the equipment used in fall protection.
  • Identify safe work practices used with fall protection.
  • Complete a fall protection inspection checklist.
  • Describe the proper cleaning and storage procedures associated with fall protection

Read & Watch

Read chapter 14 of the textbook. Watch the following videos:

History of HAZWOPER


OSHA HAZWOPER Training Requirements (29 CFR 1910.120)


Spill Response Training | 7 Steps to Spill Cleanup



  1. Complete the homework associated with the assigned reading.
  2. Complete the assigned activity.
  3. Complete the activity quiz.
  4. Complete the chapter quiz.

Activity Quiz