PRT 110: Lesson 6 Hazardous Chemical Identification: HAZCOM, Toxicology, and DOT


Lesson Plan


  • Describe the Hazard Communication standard.
  • Identify the physical properties and hazards associated with handling, storing, and transporting chemicals.
  • Describe physical and health hazards associated with exposure to chemicals.
  • Describe the key elements of a material safety data sheet.
  • Describe a hazardous chemical inventory list.
  • Explain the purpose of a written Hazard Communication program.
  • Identify methods used to protect process technicians from hazardous chemicals.
  • Identify safety signs, tags, and warning labels utilized by process technicians.
  • Describe toxicology and the terms associated with it.
  • Describe the material classification system for DOT.
  • Describe the Hazardous Materials Identification System.
  • Describe the National Fire Prevention Association labeling system.
GHS hazard signs
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Read chapter 6 of the textbook and review the following videos.

Introduction to Hazard Identification for Operators and Maintenance Workers

GHS HazCom Training Video

Free OSHA Training Tutorial — Understanding GHS Safety Data Sheets (SDS’s)

NFPA Journal — Hazard Labeling Guidelines in NFPA 704


  1. Complete the homework associated with the reading.
  2. Complete the assigned activity.
  3. Complete the activity quiz.
  4. Complete the chapter quiz.

Activity Quiz